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March 1 2017 UPDATE

ODNR has installed gate stops here at Buckeye Lake to allow the water to come up to 1ft from full pool ( this is 1 foot from what we know as a full lake) Please follow us on social media #fishersmarina to see any updates and news on Fisher's Marina and Buckeye Lake. Are you ready for Buckeye Lake boating if you need help or are in need of a boat contact us today


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Starting Oct. 1st 2017 ODNR will start lowering  Buckeye Lake for Winter pool. ODNR planes to have lake at Winter pool levels by end of October 2017.

Buckeye Lake

Dam / Water Leve Info

Hello                                     -- Updated June 2016--
To all of our customers ODNR has set the lake to rise 2 feet from winter pool. Now that the 1st stage of the new dam has been finished. This new lake level when reached will put the lake close to being 1 foot from what we are know as normal summer water level. To get the lake to rise we need rain, Buckeye Lake water level relies on rain to fill the lake. The lake is still open and for normal use, there has been a speed zone setup on the lake and the rest of the lake is no wake at this time. The lake is able to be boated on but very limited at this current level (winter pool). We are working with all of our customers on a one on one bases to meet your needs as we all go through the on going changes at Buckeye Lake. ODNR and the Governor has committed to replace the West  & North bank dam on the lake this will be finished in 2019 based on ODNR timeline. We are still selling boats and doing business as normal and have been very busy taking care of our customers needs. From offering long term storage to transporting boat to other lakes to be used over the summer. Our trailer sales have been up, when you get a trailer from Fisher's Marina it will be fitted to your boat and provided with tie down straps. We are keeping our facebook  page updated  all the time to keep you informed with any news on Buckeye Lake. Please let us know if there is anything  you need we are here for you.
   We do ask our customers and friends to support the local businesses in the Buckeye Lake area. So that we are all here in the future after the new dam is done. Please keep informing ODNR and your State officials that Buckeye lake is important to all of us and needs to be back to normal in a timely manner.

Thank You
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The Fisher Family


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