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Elevator Bolts, Deck Screws, Fence Bolts Hard to Find Pontoon Hardware 3/4” Marine Grade CCA 50 yr. Decking Fisher's Marina Dealer Replacement Fence, Fence Paneling, Pontoon Ladders & Fence Graphics PONTOON REBUILD & ACCESSORIES 2018 Boat Show & Open House Pricing Complete Interiors, Fence Packages, Bimini Tops, almost Everything for Pontoons Hard to Find Pontoon Parts Dock Bumpers Captain Helms Custom cut carpet to your size; 7 Colors in 3 styles Vinyl Flooring available in Tan, Charcoal, or Gray Woven Vinyl available in Khaki, Tan, Gray, or Teak LED Accent Lighting for Pontoon Boats Pontoon Top Components & Parts Pontoon Furniture Captain Seats 1/2018 Pontoon Tables and Parts Fence Risers Gate Latch $14.50 Lighting, Electrical, and Hard to Find Pontoon Parts Bolts thru gate & securely fastens against the fence. 18” Piano Hinge $10.50 Extra Floor Plate $25 3 Piece Pedestal $49 18” Slip Hinge $17.50 $89.95 Pontoon Wiring Harness LED Under Seat Lighting Available in blue only. 8” Blue LED Strip, Corners, & Lean Backs $9.99 25” Blue LED Strip, for 28” Bench $22.99 36” Blue LED Strip, for 38” Bench $29.99 Snaps into our switch panel, but adapts to many existing systems. Hooks up for red & green bow lights, stern light, docking lights, horn, and live Hard to Find Pontoon Parts Rounded or Square Corner Cap $19 LED Running Lights $49.99 Sold as a set: Green-Starboard, Red-Port 1 1/2” x 1/2” Available in Blue or White. Mount inside or outside seats or anywhere else for light. Deck Lights $16.99 Under Deck LED Pontoon Lighting 22’ and Under Pontoon Light Kit $179 Kit includes two 19’7” long Blue LED lighting strips with ten 4’ long mounting channels. 24’ and Over Pontoon Light Kit $199 Kit includes two 24’6” long Blue LED lighting strips with twelve 4’ long mounting channels. Wiring Harness for Under Deck Light Kits $24.99 As seen on the new boats. Bright, yet low voltage. Illuminate your deck at night. Mounts with adhesive backing and protected by a clear plastic C channel. Switch-Fuse Panels 27” Table Leg $12.50 TL-27 TR1000 Fits most 2 ¼” diameter bases. Plastic on both ends for a snug fit. TS4000 2 ¼” hole Stainless steel “slip” hinge for lift-lock style pontoon gates. Piano style aluminum for Adjustable gates or sun-decks. Pedestal $69 Table or Floor Mount $12.99 Adjustable Pedestal w/ Slider $95 Adjust Floor plate, removable pin, & seat 13”to 17” mount with spring. Use on fishing seats to move around the boat. Adjust 13”to 17” Circular Table $99.95 Complete Table Packages Table packages come with everything you need. Complete with the sequoia “no hole” table leg system. No need to drill a 2¼” hole in your floor. The chrome floor plate screws to the floor and the table leg locks into place, for a strong and secure table. Recessed Mount LED $9.99 Light shown mounted in cup holder. 1” Round LED available in blue or white Drill 7/8” hole, mounts flush with surface. Deluxe Round Corner Cap $29 2 3-10 amp 2-5 amp 6-10 amp 2-5 amp 5 Switch switches, 12v and USB Ports 7 Switch $99 21” diameter Black Woodgrain Design only Oval Table $99.95 33” long x 16” wide Dark Brown Woodgrain, Light Brown Woodgrain, or Silver Colors available Designs may vary $199 8’ & 8’6” Wide Marine Carpet & Vinyl Flooring Twenty-Six 3½” bolts w/washers & nuts 1½” $55 Woven Vinyl Flooring $36.95 per foot 8’6” wide, thick enough (80 mil) to hide plywood joints. Felt back for regular vinyl; woven vinyl flooring has a foam pad backing. Uses our regular adhesive when installing on CCA wood decks. Do not use on aluminum decks. If you’re spending $5-$800 for a vinyl floor you must make certain that you’re getting the “good stuff”. Thin 40 or 60 mil vinyl will show deck joints. Ours is the same as used by new boat builders. Carpet & Vinyl Adhesive $29.95 per gallon Low odor, can be used indoors, goes on thick, spread with a notched trowel. One gallon covers approximately 8’ x 9’. Guaranteed when used on CCA decking; works with our carpet and vinyl flooring. REDECK PACKAGES Everything you need EXCEPT the carpet or vinyl. Decking, Glue, Deck Tape, Fence Bolts, Risers, and Hardware. Marine Grade Decking 4’ x 8’ $69.95 each 4’ x 8’6” $95 each + shipping 3/4”, 7 ply, CCA treated, smooth top surface with any voids filled and sanded flat. Each sheet is kiln dried. Glue will stick and the sheets will not warp. Plies will not delaminate. Our decking is the same as used by new boat builders. (sold in packs of 100) 3” Elevator Bolts $59 Crest Pontoons require a 3” E Bolt 26 risers, lift fence or furniture off the carpet. Allows air circulation, helps prevent mildew. Elevator Bolts Deck Screws Pick your Carpet or Vinyl Flooring to add to the Re-deck Kit. 20 oz. Cut Pile Carpet 16’ $159.20 20’ $199.00 24’ $238.80 22 oz. Cut Loop Carpet 16’ $200.00 20’ $250.00 24’ $300.00 28 oz. Premium Carpet 16’ $223.20 20’ $279.00 24’ $334.80 Tuf-Deck Vinyl Flooring 16’ $392.00 20’ $490.00 24’ $588.00 Woven Vinyl Flooring 16’ $591.20 20’$739.00 24’ $886.80 3½” Stainless Fence Bolt Kit $19.95 Fence Riser Kit $11.50 1¾” $49 3 16' Re-Deck Kit 4 sheets of decking, 2 gal. glue, deck and fence hardware $440.05 20' Re-Deck Kit 5 sheets of decking, 2 gal. glue, deck and fence hardware $510.00 24' Re-Deck Kit 6 sheets of decking, 3 gal. glue, deck and fence hardware $709.90 8’6” deck ADD $25.05 per sheet of decking *Design may vary 8’ Wide 20 oz. Cut Pile $9.95 per foot 8’ 6” Wide 22 oz. Cut Loop $12.50 per foot Khaki Tan Gray 4½” Stainless Fence Bolt Kit $20.95 For Crest Pontoons 8’ 6” Wide 28 oz. 8’ 6” Wide 80 Mil Thick Tuf-Deck $24.50 per foot Tan, Charcoal, & Gray Carpet is sold by the running foot. Measure the deck length and multiply by the cost per foot. BLUE-BURGUNDY-GRAY-GREEN-TAN-TEAL Not all colors are available in all styles; see your dealer’s color chart for complete selection. DM-LB 33” tall, 17” wide, 27” deep Storage inside LEFT Lean back Seat Arm $99 Contoured Left or Right. Pontoon Furniture by PMI Seats you can buy with confidence: no fading, no torn seams. 3 year warranty. 2 cup holders Left or Right lean backs and arms are determined by which arm will rest on the seat arm or lean back when sitting on the bench. 28” tall, 7” wide Flip Flop $299 19” tall, 17” wide, 16” deep No pinch safety hinge DM-FF Fold Down $79 Sport Bucket $235 DM-28 is 28” wide, 30” tall, 28” deep DM-38 is 38” wide, 30” tall, 28” deep 55” Bench $399 Easy access for installing bench arms. Arms without access holes are almost impossible to fasten to free standing benches. Our bases are molded plastic frames with stainless steel hinges and hardware. No wood to rot in any of our seats; even our economy fishing seats have plastic bottoms and safety hinges. We use the same kind of seat bases you’ll find only on new boats. All of our bases carry a lifetime warranty What’s in a Seat Base? Corner Seats $299 Flip flop can also be used as helm seat. 33” tall seat, 32.5” wide, 27” deep Lean Back $229 Contoured Left or Right 26” tall, 22” wide, 21” deep Available in all colors Available in all colors 4 Deluxe Helm $349 42” wide, 40” tall, 23” deep Comes standard with windshield and blank burl wood panels. *Gauge Panel with RPM, Voltmeter, Speed, and Depth Finder $349 *8 Switch panel with 12v adapter $199 Picture includes some parts not available through PMI. 31” tall, 24” Wide, 23” Deep Available in Ivory or Gray DM-55 is 55” wide, 30” tall, 28” deep Deluxe Reclining Seat $459 DM-RCNR DM-CNR DM-CNR has a 8” Standard Radius, 28”wide, 28” deep DM-RCNR has a 30” Large Radius, 30” wide, 30” deep Portable Cup Holders $39.95 Shown with optional Gauge Panel, Switch Panel, & Wheel Both helms Are available in Gray or Ivory base. Color coordinated panel matches our Standard Helm $209 27” wide, 33” tall, 16” deep 28” Bench $259 38” Bench $299 Easy access thru 21” x 18” panel. No standing on your head to run controls. Stern Groups Furniture Groupings by PMI RIGHT Arm Shown LEFT Lean back shown 1-Corner, 1-38”, 1-7” Arm 45” Group is 1-38”Bench, 1-7” arm 62” Group is 1-55” Bench, 1-7” arm 55” Group is 1-38” Bench, 1- L or R Lean Back 72” Group is 1-55” Bench, 1- L or R Lean Back Available Colors Blue w/charcoal accent Blue w/tan accent Burgundy w/tan accent Green w/tan accent Tan w/beige accent 5 We use the term OEM grade to describe our seats. That means that they are the same quality as those used on new pontoon boats. New boat manufacturers have extended warranties and the reputation of their brand is riding on the quality of their seats. There is a completely different quality of seats built for the aftermarket. Our seats have mildew resistant and color fast 30 oz. Marine Grade vinyl. When we claim that our vinyl is 30 ounce, it really is 30 ounce not something less. We use only virgin foam that stays firm for years. 2-38” benches, 1-L 1-R 7” seat arm 90” Across the back Bow Groups 73” Bow Group $697 55” Bow Lean Back Group $528 72” Bow Lean Back Group $628 2-55” seats, 1-28” corner, Pair of 7” arm (1-R 1-L), Captain Helm & Seat 2-38” seats, Pair of 7”arms, (1R 1-L) Flip Flop, Captain Helm & Seat Can you re-use the old seat pedestal? Check out our assortment of tables. Can you re-use the old seat pedestal? Add one of our tables. Space for stern entry gate or changing room. 2-38” 1-Corner 1-7”arm 73” across the back 66” up the side You can add longer seats up the side if needed Complete L Stern Group $1739 Standard Stern L Group $1295 2-55” benches, 1-28” Corner 2-7” arms 90” across the back, 90” up the side Stern Lean Back Group $1325 Stern Entry L Group $996 Standard 90” Straight Stern $796 45” Bow Seat Group $398 62” Bow Seat Group $498 Complete Straight Stern Group $1539 1-55” bench, 1-corner, 1-38” bench, 1-R arm, 1-L lean back 90” across the back, 83” up the side Replace your old worn out Pontoon Bimini Top with our OEM Grade Fabric. Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, Tan, & Teal OEM Grade 8.8oz solution dyed polyester fabric, with mildew inhibitor. Includes storage boot for no extra charge. Fabric has a five year no fade warranty. Universal Fit 8’x8’ Fabric $239 8’ x 8’ Storage Boot $55 Universal fabric ZIPS over bows. There is enough “give” in the sleeves to fit most frames. 8’ Universal top will fit most 88” to 92” wide, FOUR bow tops with square tube frames. Our universal replacement fabric will fit many 4 bow, 8’ long x 88”- 92” wide frames. There is no common factor in 4 bow top frames. Each manufacturer has a slightly different frame. Our top attaches to the frame with four zippers. If the fabric doesn’t fit perfectly, simply re-adjust the bows by moving the position of the jaw slides. 1¼” 26” 18” Straight Fence Pieces Pontoon Fence Components Our fence is not “universal” replacement fence. That is, it may not specifically match your original Crest, SunCruiser, Godfrey, or Bennington pontoon fence. However, we may be able to get “close”. Pontoon Fence Graphics $99 Navy/Smoke, Navy/Tan, Burgundy/Smoke, Burgundy/Tan, Green/Smoke, Green/Tan, Red/Smoke, Red/Tan, Smoke/Smoke, or Smoke/Tan. Replace the fence panel and graphics and friends will think you bought a new boat. Kit includes four 115” long sweeps, four 52” long swooshes, and squeegee. 48” $165 72” $185 92” $215 Corners Left or Right 32” one side 24” another side $189 specify L or R Gates 20”, 24”, 28” $89 30”, 32”, 34” $99 *Gates are 1/2” shorter than fence (25½” tall). For additional information on pontoon fence, see High Rise Brackets $9.75 each Hard to Find Parts and Accessories for Pontoon Bimini Tops Raises the frame above seat backs. Full length zipper; has a hole for a stern light. 5’ long by 1” wide Fence Parts & Components Aluminum Replacement Fence Paneling Smooth finish on both sides. All panel is 0.030” thick, the same as new boats. Black, Blue, Burgundy, Silver 24½” Tall, 20’ Long $125 24½” Tall, 60’ Long $295 Colonial White 18” Tall, 20’ Long $99 18” Tall, 60’ Long $269 36” Tall. 20’ Long $150 Black, Blue, or Burgundy 49” Tall, 30’ Long $349 Four- 24” LED accent lights with 3M self adhering tape mounted on the back. Available in Blue only. Replace front web straps with the durability of aluminum strut bars. Fully adjustable from 29” to 34” in length with aluminum mounting hardware. Adjustable Aluminum Strut Bars $65 Strap Kit $14.50 Replace old stern lights with modern LED technology. Guaranteed for 50,000 hours. Two mile 360° Visibility. LED Stern Light $39 Bimini Top Parts & Replacement Pontoon Fence Finger Guards for Pontoon Gates $9.95 Prevents fingers or rings from getting trapped above the hinge. Standard equipment on any new pontoon boat. Kit includes enough hardware for three gates. Will our fabric fit your frame? Check your measurements above. 6 LED Accent Lights $39.95 Mounting Kit $39.95 Complete kit (4) of our High Rise brackets and hardware. 8’ Complete Economy Bimini Top $279 Everything you need to put a new top on a pontoon boat, except the stern light. 8’ DELUXE Complete Package $475 8’6” wide 10’ DELUXE Complete Package $675 All features of the “regular” 8’ wide x 10’ top, but 8’ 6” wide Many newer pontoons are 8’6” wide, along with a few older JC’s and Crests. Trim ears for style All Deluxe Packages have Aluminum Supports in bow and stern for the industry’s strongest frame.  1¼” square anodized frame  H.D. anodized aluminum fittings  Top zips over frame for easy on/off  Reinforced hole for stern light  Storage boot standard  Front & Stern aluminum support bars The strongest frame available.  Wiring for an optional stern light Frame assembles in minutes with our Snap&Mount™ snap-button design. No drilling or cutting required. 5 Year Warranty 7 Economy Tops Snap together in minutes with our exclusive Snap&Mount™ technology. Snap&Mount™ technology No drilling required 1” square aluminum frame. Stronger than competitors 7/8” round frames. All Aluminum Hardware Adjustable Web Straps Aluminum supports in the stern. 8.1 oz. yarn dyed fabric. 3 Year No Fade Warranty. Hole for a stern light. Storage boot with a reinforced hole for a stern light included. Available in Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, Tan, & Teal 8’ x 8’, 4 Bow Economy Pontoon Top fits boats with 8’ wide decks. 1” Snap&Mount™ square frame with mounting hardware included. Top installs with four zippers. Stern Supports and Storage Boot are Standard. Front secured with straps. The pontoon top fabric mounts with zippers, less hassle with assembly, and zips off for winter storage. The frame snaps together in minutes. Complete Deluxe Bimini Top Packages 10’ DELUXE Complete Package $625 Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, Tan, & Teal Power Pontoon Top Raises/Lowers at the Touch of a Button Folds into the storage position or flat. 1¼” satin finish anodized frame. Up or Down Hydraulically with the push of a button. All metal fittings, plug in wiring. Electric-hydraulic system. Fits 8’ or 8’ 6” wide fence. Top is 10’ Long, Mounts best on 1¼” fence. $995 The Power Bimini is made by a different manufacturer than our Economy or Deluxe Package tops. But it has excellent features like the zip-on and off fabric. A strong 1¼” frame and all aluminum hardware. If you put your pontoon on a boat Zip On-Zip Off for cleaning or storage. 8.8 oz. Solution Dyed fabric 5 Year No Fade Warranty. Available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, & Tan 10’ top is flat, No trim ears. 4 Step Aluminum Folding Ladder $129 Mounts into key holes installed on the floor. Rated up to 150 lbs. Folds to 23” x 15” Rated up to 250 lbs. Under-Deck 5 Step Ladder $199 Pontoon or Dock Ladders Use them on the front of the pontoon deck and also on the dock. Rated up to 400 lbs. Mounts with LAK . 3 step extends 36” below the deck $120 4 step extends 46” below the deck $139 5 step extends 56” below the deck $155 39” 39” 4 Step Plastic Folding Ladder $99 Pontoon Ladders & Dock Parts Reinforced frame. Two 1” bars together. L-UDL5 30” Heavy-Duty Dock Bumper $24.95 Five step extends 59” below the deck. Rated up to 300 lbs. Stows under the pontoon deck when not in use. Pulls out at an angle for easy boarding. 5 Step Telescoping Stern Ladder $249 44” Mounting Hardware $10.50 Allows for extra mounting locations Folding pontoon ladder allows access from the side of your pontoon boat. Uses the pontoon tube as bracing. Folds to 30”x16” For easy storage 5 step (extends 44” below the deck) stainless steel construction. Replaces specialty stern entry OEM aluminum pontoon ladders. Can be used anywhere on your boat or dock. Rated up to 400 lbs. REAL Protection for your pontoon. High impact poly resin bumper, 30” tall. Mounting hole slides over 2” pier pipe. Includes stainless steel hardware to secure to pier pipe. WHITE only. Mounts with “key” fitting. NO holes to cut in the floor. No Holes In The Deck Standard with our ladders. A virtually unsinkable piece of closed-cell foam that floats on water. With a thickness of 1¼”, The WaterPad can float up to 1,800 lbs. Choose lengths of 9’ or 18’. 9’ WaterPad Mini $325 18’ WaterPad $549 WaterPad Storage Bag $49.95 The SunSpot™ Inflatable Raft $495 The WaterPad™ Floating closed cell foam water mat Can be used as a swim raft or towable, rigid when inflated. Includes 2 stage pump, raft with protective cover, and pillow with 3 coolers and cup holders.

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