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YOUR LOCAL DEALER Dock, Pier, and Boat Protection WATERFRONT PRODUCTS by PMI 2020 Spring & Summer 1/2020 SLX PWC Floats Wave Armor Boat Floats Wave Armor Floating Dock “Economy” Floating Dock by C a D Otter Island Swim Floats YakPort Kayak Launch Assists Easy In & Out of the Water Dock Steps Anchors For All Waterfront Products Dock & Boat Ladders 6 10’ x 5’ 10’ x 5’ 10’ x 5’ 24” H kit 24” H kit 24” H kit 10’ x 5’ 10’ x 5’ 10’ x 5’ Post Attachment Kit $209 (Set of 2) Pier pipe goes through the kit keeping the dock from moving with currents. Kit of 2 H connectors FLOATING DOCK BY WAVE ARMOR Folding Ladder $344 Mounts in the H-Beam on the side of the dock. Here are a couple of examples showing simple dock designs. 24” H kit Pricing 10’ x 5’ Dock Sections 3 x $1,799 = $5,397 24” H Dock connectors 2 x $159= $318 Post Attachment kits 1 x $209= $209 Example shown $5,924 30” Corner Pricing 10’ x 5’ Dock 3 x $1,799 = $5,397 24” Connectors 2 x $159 = $318 30” Corner 1 x $209 = $209 Post Attachment Kit 2 x $209 = $418 Example shown $6,342 Stability on the water is the most important feature of floating dock. Wave Dock is 5’ wide with suction pockets molded in the bottom that helps it hug the water. Wave Armor dock sits only 14” off the water. Has a tan stone look anti-slip surface that hides dirt. The most stable floating dock on the market. 5’ Dock Bench Kit $728 Bench & mount The 5’ bench is off the dock for more useable dock space. Sits 2 comfortably. Post Attachment Kit. 24” Pieces lock together with our unique H Beams. $1799 10’ long x 5’ wide The wider the dock the more stable it is on the water. 1/2020 $159 7’ Dock Ramp Kit $929 12’8” Dock Ramp Kit $1349 30” Corner $209 Fill corners where docks come together at right angles. Decorative Snap-In Plugs $34 (20) Cover the accessory indents on the dock. Dress up the dock for a clean appearance. Kayak Rack $379 Rotationally molded plastic. Attaches to our dock in the H-Beam channel. Also works with paddle boards. It’s foam filled and steamed making it virtually indestructible. 10 YEAR WARRANTY. $64 $99 $169 300120 301103 300974 Lower Step-Down $479 Provides water level access to the dock. Horizontal Bumper $89 Slides into the H Beam Channel. For more information on Wave Armor Dock see or Wave Dock Bumpers Choose either 15”, 34”, or 44” tall Slides into the H Beam Channel. Dock Post Covers $89 (Set of 2) A decorative way to cover pier pipes. Kayak Assist Kit $675 Stability for canoes or kayaks. Kit comes with lower step down section, grab bar, and float. Lower step down Kayak grab bar Float OTTER ISLAND Swim Raft, the Family Fun Float Table and lounges fold flat when you want a big play area. Floats 18” off the water; Boats can see it. Three step ladder accommodates swimmers up to 300 lbs. 3 Fill it with sand and it weighs 140 lbs. The underside grips the bottom. Anchor Modern ski boats throw 3’ wakes. The clevis kit spreads stress between the mooring eyes. The bungees help absorb shock. 2 per kit. Kayak Launch Assist by Connect a Dock Getting into a kayak on a rocky shoreline, in muck, or from a sea wall can be a challenge. It gets more challenging as you get older. Keeps kayak or canoe stable as you get in and out keeping you dry. Mounts against most stationary docks, floating docks, or even a sea wall. Comes standard with mounting hardware that is often optional elsewhere. Standard Launch Assist $799 Includes mounting hardware, Specify type. 48” wide by 60” long. Weighs about 90 lbs. Rotational Molded Plastic with Five Year Warranty. Virtually maintenance free. All hardware is aluminum or stainless steel. Use with a Kayak, Paddle board or a Canoe. Optional Accessories Back Grab Handles $199 Overhead Assist Bar $199 Shown with Both Assists $398 Shown with optional assist bar. 10” tall, 26” wide. Eye bolt for anchoring. Plastic screw-on cap. $1799 Foam Filled-Virtually Indestructible. 8’ x 10’, 3000 lb. capacity, weighs 300 lbs. 3 year warranty. • Fold Down Lounges & Table-when you want a smooth flat deck. • Storage Under Seat Backs-keep a sponge or brush for cleaning. • 3 Step Aluminum Flip Up Ladder-even heavy swimmers can board easily. • Rounded Corners & Non Slip Surface-safe for the youngest swimmers. • Molded in Eyelets - for anchoring or pulling in or out of the lake. Yellow or Beige Float Base; Green or Blue Table & Lounge Double Mooring Kit Standard with new Otter Island Optional use with all water toys. $95 2 4/2015 Aluminum frame & steps. Stainless Steel hardware. Sea Wall or Dock Boarding Steps Bolt to Dock or Free Standing Adjustable Depth Boarding Steps 36” wide, flow-thru non-skid tread helps prevent algae build up on steps. No sharp edges to hurt feet: one handrail standard with each set of steps. Mount to a dock or sea wall or purchase optional rear legs for free standing application. 350 lb. capacity. 36” wide x 10” deep steps, flow-thru tread, rounded aluminum extrusions. Steps are spaced about 7” apart. Standard front legs adjust 18”. Handrail is 1 1/2” round aluminum. No sharp edges, no protruding hardware, even the bottom plate corners are rounded. Dock mounting hardware standard Back Legs Optional Extra Handrail (one is standard) $79 Back Legs for free standing use $59 3 step Back Legs for free standing use $125 4-6 step Back legs with 4-6 steps include a back brace for extra strength. 3 Step adjusts 21” to 29” $540* 4 Step adjusts 28” to 36” $665* 5 Step adjusts 35” to 43” $765* 6 Step adjusts 42” to 50” $810* * Mounted to Dock Flow-thru tread helps prevent algae build up. Steps are 35” wide x 11” deep with a 350 lb. capacity per step. Steps are 7” apart and embossed non-skid aluminum impervious to water. 21” top step Three Step w/handrail $320 28” top step Four Step w/handrail $385 35” top step Five Step w/handrail $480 42” top step Six Step w/handrail $560 One handrail standard. Additional handrail $65 Non-skid tread Water shoes are generally recommended with the Sea Wall steps. There can be sharp edges. 2 Dock Bumper Wheel $44 12” round x 6.5” tall. Fits over 2” pipe. Air filled for maximum protection for your boat. Rolls easily and floats. Protect your boat with post bumpers. Colored PVC plastic air filled. Ours won’t melt like foam bumpers or become brittle and crack like ordinary (non-air filled) bumpers. Bumpers have a bladder (like a football). The air inside cushions your boat from the dock 3 year warranty. Availa Colored Torpedo Dock Bumpers $24.50 each Heavy Duty Dock Bumper 30” $26.95 Available in WHITE ONLY B-30S High impact poly resin bumper. Fits over 2” pier pipe. Use these Heavy Duty (plastic) bumpers where boats may frequently come in contact with the dock. Hard plastic protects but won’t damage your boat or rub rail. Lasts for years. 5 year warranty. 10” Corner Bumpers $19.95 10” on each side. Corner bumpers attach over sharp edges on wood or aluminum dock. Inexpensive protection for your boats. Can also be used on Pontoon Boats to protect the deck. WHITE only. Don’t let a rocky shoreline prevent you from getting into the water. Position steps against a dock or sea-wall and step into the water. Easier for pets and seniors than trying to climb a ladder. 4 2 piece system 16’ long 3 piece system 24’ long 2-Piece System (10’ Wide, 16’ Long) $6799 3-Piece System (10’ Wide, 24’ Long) $9799 *The SLX-10 is a special order item. 8 year warranty from the manufacturer. FOR INFORMATION SEE WAVEARMOR.COM Floating “drive-on drive-off” BOAT FLOATS SLX-10 BOAT-PORT 16’ or 24’ Long, 10’ Wide For 16’-20’ fishing, jet or center console boats. EVO 7-16 or EVO 7-20 for boats 16’ to 20’ long EVO-716 (7’ Wide, 16’ Long) $3999 New for 2020 EVO-720 (7’ Wide, 20’ Long) $4599 10’ wide Plenty of walk around room for boats up to 8’ wide. The self-leveling floating port distributes the vessel weight over the full span, providing exceptional lift and buoyancy (up to 7,500 lbs. for 3-piece with no air assistance). Has adjustable bunks to match any keel and heavy duty keel rollers that make boarding and off-boarding simple and smooth. EVO SPORT For Smaller PWC’s 11’ Long, 4’ 10” Wide $1499 Specifically designed for the modern smaller machines like the Sea-Doo Spark, Yamaha EX series, and Stand Up models. Only 900 lb. Capacity. Generally not enough floatation for the larger machines or bigger riders. All the features of our larger ports. Large roller wheels that can be adjusted, plus a built in padded bow stop. Moors with pier pipe like the larger floats and has a deep entry ”throat” for no bump entry. Pier Pipe Mooring Kit $184 Pier Pipe Mooring Kits for SLX and EVO Jet Ski Floats One of the unique design features of the Wave Armor PWC floats is the pre-formed holes in the float body. When moored in lakes with sandy bottoms where the water depth isn’t over about 6’ deep, you can use our inexpensive pier pipe mooring kit. No other expensive attachments or kits needed. For other mooring kit options see page 7 5 SLX 5’ OR 6’ WIDE JET SKI FLOATS 12’8” long (accommodates the biggest PWC’s). 12 rollers with 32 pockets for adjustment (fits any machine) 5’ or 6’ wide. 6’ when you want more walk around room to install a cover or perform maintenance. Moors with preformed holes in the float body. Filler Cap Kit $59 (2 per kit) Fills unwanted mooring hole. Entrance below the water. Smooth “no bump” Loading, protecting your hull. Entry rollers with open V design for easy loading. The biggest heaviest machines load and unload with ease. SLX-5 12’8” long, 4’10” wide, 1500 lb. capacity $1699 One benefit of the 5’ wide SLX is that you can moor two in the common 10’ wide dock well at many marinas. SLX-6 12’8” long, 6’ wide, 2000 lb. capacity $1799 The 6’ wide PWC float has an extra 6” space on each side. More walk around room than the 5’. Moors with pier pipes into preformed holes in the float body. No extra attachments required. Bushing Kit $64 For 2” pipe (set of 2 per kit) Reduces the size of the hole in the float body. Adjustable Side Rollers. Move them around to create the perfect fit for your PWC. Extra Mooring Holes for Rough Water. Use additional pier pipe for a more secure installation. 12 Rollers standard, protecting even the biggest PWC. Our SLXs are Foam Filled and Virtually Indestructible 8 Year Warranty You should think about how you’ll use the floats. The five foot is popular in marinas with 10’ slips. Two 4’10” SLX’s will fit; two 6’ won’t. The benefit of the 6’ is additional walk around room. It might be a benefit to walk around the float for fueling or installing a cover. If you moor in shallow water where you might just jump off into the water, you may never need the extra walk around space. 4’10” wide (SLX-5) 6’ wide (SLX-6 or EVO-6) Five or Six Foot Wide: What’s The Difference? FOR MORE INFORMATION ON PWC FLOATS SEE WAVEARMOR.COM EVO-6 14’4” long, 6’ wide, 2200lb capacity $2099 For the large heavy machines, and performance models with deep V hauls. A variation of the popular 6’ SLX but 1’8” longer. With 14 large red rollers and a pad-ded bow stop. Comes standard with filler cap kit for the front holes. Still accepts standard reducer bushings and mounting kits, with the ability to move the filler caps to the rear holes when using pier pipe installation. Can work for some small boats. EVO-5 14’4” long, 5’ wide, 1700lb capacity $1999 EVO 6 EVO 6’ WIDE JET SKI FLOAT for the largest PWC’s One set of Filler Caps included with EVO-6. Can be moved to the rear when using the pier pipe installation kit. Takes the same mounting kits as SLX. Molded in Padded Bow Stop 14 large adjustable padded rollers, Protect large ski’s with performance hauls. Deep, V shaped open throat entrance. 8 Mounts w/ LAKs Ladder Attachment Kits standard with new ladders. Folding & Telescoping Stainless Steel 5 Step Ladder $219 1¼” round tube frame. Folds to 10” deep (out of the way on pontoons). Five telescoping steps, extends deep into the water (44”), and steps are 12” wide. 4 step 51” 5 step 63” 4 Step $209 Extends 51” below the dock. 5 Step $229 Extends 63” below the dock. Heavy Duty Straight Dock Ladders, Welded Aluminum Frame 2” round welded dock ladders. Large handrails help swimmers to pull themselves from the water. 4” deep x 19” wide embossed non-skid steps. Ladder goes straight down. Large 16” wide x 5½” deep steps. Easy on bare feet. Reinforced top for strength, 400 lb. capacity. Reinforced top frame supports all swimmers. FIXED FRAME PONTOON/DOCK LADDERS 1” square aluminum tube with satin finish anodized frame. Large, wide steps. 3 Step $120 Extends 36” below the deck. Ideal for shallow water. 4 Step $140 Extends 46” below the deck. 5 Step $165 Extends 56” below the deck 44” Heavy Duty permanent mount. Install almost anywhere. Welded steps on the Straight Dock and Flip-Up dock ladders. Galvanized steel Backer Plates included in kit Optional (extra) attachment kits for Dock/Pontoon Ladders Heavy Duty Ladder Kit $24.95 For commercial use or when LAKs won’t work. Ladder Attachment Kit $10.50 Buy an extra kit for use on the dock and pontoon. Ladder goes out at an angle. Easier to climb. 3 Step Shown 4 step shown Mounting hardware included. Special installations may need additional hardware. This ladder is standard equipment on several brands of new pontoon boats. Use it to replace old damaged aluminum ladders or on a dock or swim float where you want a strong ladder that folds out of the water. Rated to 500 lb. capacity Rated to 400 lb. capacity. Folding & Telescoping Stainless Steel 4 Step Ladder $295 1½” round tube frame, folds out of the way on pontoons. Four large telescoping steps, extends deep into the water (48”), and steps are 13½” wide. This is the same ladder used on new pontoon boats. Use on your pontoon or on your dock. Ladder Storage Clips $9.95 Mounts to fence rail, allows for easy storage 7 Connect a Dock 2000 Series Economy Floating Dock  Closely spaced ribs support the top. It’s never “spongy”. This gives the top a strong and stable feel.  Our dock is thick, durable, and puncture resistant.  Color is throughout. If you scratch it, it’s the same color.  The unique chamber design of the bottom traps air for additional buoyancy. Each section supports 2500 lbs.  Light weight, 200 lbs. per section, easy to handle. Pier Pipe bracket Dock Connectors Pier Pipe bracket The connectors are the key to our system. They mount into formed grooves in the side of the dock. Pieces of dock are joined together from atop the dock. There is often no need to get into the water. 4’x 8’ Dock Sections $1075 Here’s how it goes together. Dock is anchored to the lake bottom by pier pipes. The pipes go through connectors that can attach anywhere along the side of the dock. Ramp $1599 4’ x 8’ Transition from land to dock. Hinge included Fill corners on L sections. Requires 4 connectors. Corner $385 Hinge separate $175 Calculate your length, each section is 8’ long. Each piece of dock, end to end takes two connectors. One pair of pipe connectors should be used for every 10’-12’ of dock. YOU SUPPLY PIER PIPE. Four connectors. 24’ Pipe Connectors Pipe Connector Six connectors at three joints 2 connectors 32’ 12’ Pipe Connectors Pipe Connector 24’ dock section (3 pieces), 4 connectors, 4 Pipe connectors. You supply 4 pier pipes 5 pcs. dock (4 straight 1 L), 8 connectors, 4 pipe connectors. You supply 4 pier pipes. $65 each $72 each fits 2” or Raised bushing kit provides more surface against pier pipe. Dock/Seawall Attachment Kit* $249 Port to Mounting Kits for SLX and EVO Jet Ski Floats Install to a fixed dock or sea wall with pipe and Z brackets (Pipe not included). Kit includes two Z brackets, reducer bushings, and hardware. A steel plate attaches to the dock or seawall. The knuckle pivots for loading/unloading. Attachment Kit for 18” Deep $149 $6183 $3773 Some customers like to attach their ports together. The Port to Port kit connects float or a strong, long lasting connection. However note that it attaches from the bottom and makes the floats more difficult to remove at storage time. Instead of lifting a 350 lb. float you have to handle two or about 700 lbs. When mooring in shallow water it’s sometimes simpler to set the floats side by side rather than being connected.

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