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Here at Fisher’s Marina we specialize in outboard motors. We offer three of the oldest brands Evinrude Outboards, Mercury Outboards & Yamaha Outboards. These brands are the corner stones of the outboard marine industry and we are very proud to offer them to our customers. We have been selling Evinrude since 1945, Mercury since 2010 & Yamaha since 2018.  Fisher’s Marina is a full line Yamaha outboard dealer. This means we offer package new sales and repower sales to customers looking to install a new motor on their current boat. While with Mercury motors we are a primarily package sales dealer. We do offer lose Mercury motors to customer to repower when available. Our bulk of Mercury sales are on new boats.  We have a full service shop & parts department to handle all your maintenance needs on these brands Evinrude, Mercury & Yamaha Outboards.

Why Re-Power?

Repower is installing a new outboard on your current boat. Why is this becoming more and more popular? Two of the biggest reasons are the cost of whole new boat packages -VS- just upgrading your outboard. The other big reasons are lots of people love their current boat and just want a newer better outboard. Why repowering with a new outboard maybe right for you. Newer outboards offer much better fuel economy, smother & quieter running & easier to own. While those are great benefits there is another big point to show. Older outboards are getting harder to find parts for and to find service centers to work on them. While newer outboards are much easier to find parts and service centers. They all so offer a peace of mind that they will be working for many years to come. If you love your boat and want to put some new life back into it, repowering with a new outboard maybe a great fit. 

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When you’re looking at your boat or maybe your next boat. The outboard should be high on your list to look at and make sure you're get what’s right for you and your needs. Rather you’re re-powering your current boat or buying a whole new boat package the power source is a big part of the boat.

Outboards have been powering boats since the early 1900's. It would be easy to say the outboard has changed the way we boat and continues to change how we boat. Outboards are changing every few years and bring with them a better overall boating experience.

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